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Wonder Woman Lynda Carter shuts down transphobes like all good superheroes should – PinkNews

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Lynda Carter stars as the titular superhero in the television series ‘Wonder Woman’, circa 1975. (Getty/Silver Screen Collection)
Wonder Woman’s Lynda Carter is truly the hero that the LGBT+ community deserves after she came out swinging for the trans community on social media.
Carter played Diana Prince – aka Wonder Woman – in the original 1970s TV show about the iconic DC superhero. She recently shut down transphobes on Twitter by declaring anyone could be “Wonder Women”, including trans women.
“Trans women are Wonder Women,” Carter said. “End of story.”
Trans women are Wonder Women. End of story.
— Lynda Carter 🎃 (@RealLyndaCarter) October 19, 2021

Carter’s plain-spoken statement was celebrated by fans, who truly adored the Wonder Woman actor’s support.
We are Amazonians, but with more practical fashion choices. https://t.co/yL6qw7r2Rb
— What The Trans!? (@WhatTheTrans) October 19, 2021

This was a lovely thing to see across my feed today. https://t.co/pM0GD5O9X2
— Riley Silverghost (@rileyjsilverman) October 20, 2021

Look, fam…if fuckin' WONDER WOMAN is saying trans rights…it's over.
We win. https://t.co/xLzwNn6Zkp
— Jazzy O is a shark for Halloween 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🎙️ (@LadyJazzington) October 19, 2021

oh hell yeah https://t.co/z2iefupYJ7
— U.N.D.E.A.D. Anderson (@diannaeanderson) October 19, 2021

😭😭 Lynda is the best 💜💜 https://t.co/Gqjo2Zq8N9
— Taryn de Vere (@TarynDeVere) October 19, 2021

Lynda Carter is a queen and I accept no argument. https://t.co/enRpEBQyNz
— Leslie (@Library_Leslie) October 19, 2021

This means so much ! https://t.co/P6QKAQAFBk pic.twitter.com/6LlJ5Fdpah
— Luci Virgo🏳️‍⚧️ (@luci_virgo) October 19, 2021

This isn’t the first time – or probably the last time – that Lynda Carter has shown her love for the queer community.
Earlier this month, Carter shared on Twitter that she’d recently discovered Fat Bear Week, an annual celebration of the massive fuzzy land mammal. But, the actor admitted that she’d hilariously mixed up what the event was actually about.
“I kept hearing about Fat Bear Week and thought it was a celebration of body positivity within a gay subculture,” she wrote. “It turns out it is about actual bears! Either way, I am here for it.”
Honestly, it was the best reaction, and fans commended Carter for her bear allyship. To which, Carter shared she knows “how to speak gay”, adding it’s a “required language when you’re training to be Wonder Woman”.
She then explained that no one should be surprised she knows the ins and outs of the LGBT+ community as she’s been the “Grand Marshal of multiple Pride parades” – so she knows her stuff.
Lynda Carter returned to the Wonder Woman franchise after she had a cameo role as Asteria, the former champion of the Amazons, in Wonder Woman 1984. She hinted at DC’s FanDome event that she may appear once again on screens in the upcoming Wonder Woman 3 film.
“Who would’ve thought in my life, in this time in my life, that this gift would just present itself to me,” Carter said at the event.
“And that’s so cool and that’s what I’m hoping for all of the fans of Wonder Woman and all of the fans to know that you’re life is full of surprises and the Wonder Woman in you is alive and well.”
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