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Oprah not knowing any of the words to Adele song is the most we've ever related – PinkNews

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Oprah trying to sing along to Adele’s “Hello”. (Twitter)
Twitter has gone into full-blown meltdown after Oprah shared a highly relatable video of herself trying and failing to sing along to Adele’s “Hello”.
The talkshow legend shared the clip on Twitter shortly after her special One Night Only conversation with Adele aired on CBS. The programme saw the pair sit down for a candid discussion about Adele’s divorce, parenthood, weight loss and various other topics.
Adele also debuted some new tracks from her upcoming album 30 – and she delivered a rousing rendition of her 2015 hit “Hello” for good measure.
We all love singing along to Adele, even when we don’t know the words, and apparently Oprah is no exception. In a video posted to her official Twitter account, the talkshow host can be seen trying to sing along to the track – but her efforts quickly stumble.
To make matters worse, Lizzo can be seen in the background of the video belting every word to “Hello” – because of course she knows the entire thing off by heart.
Oprah, meanwhile, looks a little unsure of herself. She uses every trick in the book to make it look like she knows “Hello” a little better than she really does – but the “slowly moving your mouth in the hope that it’ll look like you’re actually singing” technique ultimately falls flat.
Naturally, Twitter quickly leapt on the clip, with many firmly telling Oprah that she hadn’t gotten away with it – but the reaction was all in good humour. Most people were quick to empathise with Oprah, with many saying they’ve had similar experiences.
Oprah out there for all of us who only know half the words to songs but still sing them like we do. National treasure… https://t.co/tVIOWJsBEB
— TVMoJoe (@TVMoJoe) November 15, 2021

Me at every concert next to people who won’t stop talking loudly while I’m tryna enjoy the show. https://t.co/F3ISdpPwsZ
— Wayne Leonard (@waynesfca) November 15, 2021

YO NOT THIS BEING ANOTHER MOMENT OF THIS SSJSJJSS https://t.co/eYQQodhrRS pic.twitter.com/l5kmmgXGK6
— socially inept femcel (@kaybirth) November 15, 2021

Oprah 🤝 passionately making up lyrics on the spot https://t.co/IFqm3DIUh5
— Petty-Phetunia (@Phetha_G) November 15, 2021

This is me at every concert 😂😂😂🤣 https://t.co/HfeqU1bqTJ
— Home Girl (@sliez0) November 15, 2021

To make things even better, this isn’t even the first time Oprah has tried and failed to sing along to a popular song. In 2019, she sent fans into a frenzy when she showed that she didn’t know the lyrics to Mariah Carey’s “Heartbreaker” during a cover shoot for magazine.
Because this is Oprah we’re talking about, Carey herself said it was fine by her if the talkshow legend wanted to rewrite the words to her classic song.
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“Honey, if Oprah wants to rewrite my lyrics it’s ‘fine with me!’ (Said like Miss Sofia from the Color Purple),” Carey tweeted in responses to the social media uproar at the time.
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