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An open letter to the world…

An open letter to the world:

Please support your LGBTQ brother sisters and other members of our community. Too many times our community has suffered at the hands of bigots and homophobes. And too often we are seeing attacks against people for simply just being who they are.

There have been hangings in the middle East, systematic removal of rights across the globe, abductions and murders in Chechnya, governments not allowing trans people to serve in the army, attacks and beatings all over the world, including London, Birmingham and even our home town of Middlesbrough.

To people who don’t understand our community: please take a moment to think before you speak. Ask yourself: will this hurt someone? How would I feel in that situation? Understand that you have rights that some of us don’t, and nobody will ever attack you for being straight. We are just people who want to be loved, like you do. We are the same.

To our allies, supporters and friends: Please try to help us end this new trend of abuse towards our community. Homophobes and bigots will always exist, but with your help we can challenge this behaviour hopefully reduce the amount of instances of this ignorance. Reply to these people with kindness and love, educate them as to why their views are harmful. Remind them that we are all people and that we all deserve love and respect. Remind them of the cases of abuse, the stonewall riots (which if you don’t know about, your should research), tell them about your journey or a friend’s journey in the LGBTQ community, remind them that being gay is illegal still in many countries, correct the behaviour and potentially save a life!

LGBTQ people should also make an effort to normalise being gay in our local community. Show people that we are the same as everyone else and educate people. Don’t sit and listen to views that oppress you or others in our community and do not opress others. Do good in your local area, talk to people, raise funds for something you care about, bring your friends for a night out at tiny or sapphires, make the effort to challenge harmful views and behaviour, report anything that you feel is oppressing you to the relevant authorities, support younger LGBTQ people who might not be as confident or as strong as you yet. Remember that you should treat your LGBTQ brothers, sisters and others with respect and end any bigotry that you feel towards others – you can’t expect equality without offering it in return. learn about the history of the community especially people who were/are fighting for our rights. Educate people around you about the suffering of others in our community around the world and be kind.

Be proud of who you are and proud of the people around you who support you and your equal rights. Stay safe, diverse and beautiful, whoever you happen to love.

Lots of love,
Team Tiny

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