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14 amazing t-shirts, jewellery and more to celebrate queer Halloween – PinkNews

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There’s plenty of queer t-shirts, prints and accessories to celebrate Halloween. (Etsy)
Halloween is just around the corner and – as we all know – it’s one of the most popular days of the year for LGBT+ people.
This because Halloween is the perfect time to dress up and be whoever you want to be. In fact, it’s even the day when many drag careers are born: you can bust out those fishnets and show people your true self.
Recently, the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira came out – so Halloween really couldn’t get any gayer.
If you’re a spooky gay, a queer witch, an enby enchantress or something in between, then this is the most wonderful time of year.
To celebrate, you can get loads of different apparel, jewellery and accessories to rep your queerness during Halloween.
We’ve put together a list of some of the spookiest and coolest items from independent sellers.
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This collection of cute Halloween-themed witch hat pins feature phrases like, “Queer Witch”, “Ace Enchanter”, “Gay Wizard” and “Bisexual Sorcerer”. They’re priced at £9 and are available from Etsy here. Other pins from the same seller include “Sapphic Sea Witch” and “Pansexual Seer”, so you can rep yours during spooky season.
After the Mistress of the Dark, Elvira came out – revealing she has been in a relationship with a woman for 19 years – what better way to celebrate the season than with a rainbow-themed print of the icon. Entitled the Mistress of Rainbows, the design has been created by Etsy seller, ThePopBox. It’s available in different sizes and you can get yours from Etsy here.
This baby blue dad hat is the perfect pairing for your 90s themed outfit this Halloween. It’s for the normcore, spooky gays and features the embroidery “Future Gay Ghost” alongside a cute ghost. The hat is available from Etsy here, with the seller also creating ones that read “Plant Daddy” and “Plant Mama”.
This hilarious and iconic t-shirt is perfect to rep during spooky season. It reads “Homophobe Headrest” alongside a pastel guillotine, because the gays do everything cute – even beheadings. The designer puts it best, saying: “Come and rest your weary head, you must be so tired after a long day of bigotry and hatred. This cute pastel guillotine is perfect for you to relax your neck on.” To buy this tee head to Etsy here.
These four Halloween patches are LGBT+-themed and we love to see it. They feature some amazing phrases like “sexuality is a spooktrum” and “zom binary uprising”. They’re priced at £5 each and you can buy them from Etsy here, and they’ll elevate any denim you own during spooky season.
You can channel your inner Edward Scissorhands this Halloween with these cute scissor earrings. The handmade, vintage pair of earrings are a bestseller on Etsy and they’re priced at £6.52. To get a pair for yourself head to Etsy here.
This Halloween sweatshirt couldn’t be more queer. It features Dracula alongside “Zaddy” on the front, because Edward Cullen who? Dracula is the original vampire heartthrob. This is available in a number of colours, including a festive orange and black. You can buy the sweater from Etsy here.
Another queer edition of classic horror characters is this Tom of Finland-inspired t-shirt. It features a design of Frankenstein and his monster looking, well, queer and buff, all while in some revealing outfits. It’s been designed by an independent artist and you can get it from Etsy here, and shop the rest of their collection.
These custom couple’s Halloween t-shirts feature the phrases “I’m their witch” and “I’m their boo”. They come in a number of colours including orange and purple and you can choose what pronouns you want on the front to rep with your partner. The t-shirts are available from Etsy here.
Another one for the couple’s are these t-shirts which read “her trick” and “her treat”. The seller currently only has this version, so in the words of Billy Eichner “let’s go lesbians!”. They’re priced from £22 and you can get them for Halloween season from Etsy here.
You can get these cute bat pins with a marble print in the design of different Pride flags. They’ve been created by Etsy seller PinkDiceBag and you can currently buy the trans and bi flag pins. They also sell moon pins, swords and shields in various flag designs. To shop the bat pins and more head to the Etsy store here.
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Another fun pin to rep this Halloween is this cauldron one that reads, “gay witches protect me”. It also features crystals (very gay), a skull and gender symbols, in a pastel-style design. The pin is priced from £8 and you can buy it from Etsy here.
You can embellish your laptop, tablet, bedroom, wherever, with the many queer Halloween stickers available. This includes the two pictured above. The holographic one reads “be queer, raise the dead” alongside a skeleton which you can get from Etsy here. While the other reads “queer witch”, and this one is available from Etsy here.
We couldn’t complete a queer Halloween round-up without the icon that is Nancy from The Craft. She’s one of the four outcasts who gains magical powers to enact revenge on those who have wronged them. The film is hugely popular among queer people and has become a cult favourite, thanks to its fashion, quotable script and magic, duh. This t-shirt which features Nancy’s line “he’s sorry!” is available to buy from Etsy here.
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